Preaching is…

In no more than 30 words define preaching. Preaching is….

If you want to explain and give a reason for what you have put please go ahead.


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  1. When I was in Uganda with a group from the Christian Charity Signpost International in 1998, we went to listen to John Mulinde from the World Trumpet Mission speak in a converted cinema in Kampala. It was a long sermon – about an hour +! He was reflecting on the Christianisation of Africa and the fact that a number of European countries brought Christianity to the parts of the African continent they had conquered. From this sermon the point that struck me very forcibly was that African peoples find it difficult to understand why these Christian countries fought each other in 2 terrible world wars – the intimation being that they do not practise what they preach!

    Do we do the same? Not to such a degree, but all Christians are witnesses to Jesus as we live our daily lives. People notice and we are judged accordingly!

  2. An ACT producing an ACTION.

    The singular objective is alignment to God’s plan.

    God’s Word and Holy Spirit combining to inspire; for the preacher to deliver a call to action..

  3. Preaching is public speaking on a religious subject. The term is used in a broader context than just Christianity, so I wouldn’t define it in terms of serving God as Christianity sees him. The term is principally used in two ways. The proper use is as we view it on this course, but it is also often used in a pejorative sense, in which it means “to zealously lecture”.

  4. Preaching is sharing God’s word so that it might either incress someones faith or bring someone to faith who does not yet know God

  5. Christian preaching IS sharing the good news of God’s love through scripture
    CAN BE exhilarating or dull for preacher and listener
    WILL BE life changing through the Holy Spirit’s presence

  6. Preaching for me is communicating scripture in a way that increases understanding and ultimately leads to faith and action. More often these days it seems to be used pejoratively “fundamentalist preacher”, “preaching hate” etc. How sad.

  7. Preaching is: teaching, challenging and encouraging from God’s Word and human experience

  8. Declaring God’s love for the human race by expounding Scripture and relating it simply, attractively and personally to those listening.

  9. Preaching is proclaiming God’s word to people in meaningful ways so that they might believe in Jesus Christ and grow in the grace and knowledge of Him.

  10. Preaching is for me a way of using God’s gift to communicate his “good news”, that , Jesus, died for all mankind, in a way that is understood, relevant and challenging to the listener.

  11. I thought a quote or two might be helpful…

    “What is the chief end of preaching? I like to think it is this: it is to give men and women a sense of God and his presence.” Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

    “The aim of exposition is to make man understand what God wants him to understand, feel as God wants him to feel and do as God wants him to do.” Andrew Swanson.

  12. Preaching is teaching God’s word to bring people closer to God, to challenge them to grow in faith, and to inspire, through the Holy Spirit, the outworking of God’s love into the rest of humanity.

  13. Preaching is….magnifying God. The preacher acts as a magnifying class enabling the listeners to see Him and His truths more clearly. This is not my idea – I think it is in a John Piper book. However it is always my aim when preaching to magnify God and it would be one of the criteria I assess myself with afterwards.

  14. Lots to be said for all the thoughts given so far. Just to throw in my bit, the Youth With a Mission (YWAM) motto is “To know God and to make Him known”. The first part could be considered the first requirement of a preacher “To know God” and the second the first requirement of preaching “To make Him known”.
    To my mind Preaching is about making known who God is and what He has done with a view to bringing about positive change in our listeners. i.e. Preaching for results.
    Alternatively, Charles Finney suggests that if you want to preach without results you should “Aim to make your hearers pleased with themselves and pleased with you, and be careful especially not to wound the feelings of anyone”. 😉

  15. Preaching is…supporting the church’s work of creating and encouraging disciples by explaining spiritual and Biblical truth.

  16. Preaching is… Where the speaker makes you think about the subject, they educate you in an interesting way, but also leave you wanting to find out more about the subject for yourself. They lead you on a journey of discovery and they should inspire you and enable you to grow.

  17. Preaching is helping people through the power of the Holy Spirit and expounding Gods word understand and embrace their relationship to Jesus, helping them to see who Jesus is and what we/they must do.

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