One thought on “Malachi chapter 3 verses 6-15: your observations…

  1. I will be preaching on the Malachi passage this Sunday, but extending it a little to verse 18. We will start by watching a one minute video clip of a robbery and contemplate how we rob God. The main section of the sermon will look at the three challenges God offers His people in this passage – Return to me (v. 7); Worship God wholeheartedly (v 10); Fear God (v. 16). We will study how we can respond to these challenges through Jesus. Jesus enables us to be acceptable to God, to worship Him in Spirit and truth, and by renewing our mind His Spirit helps us fear God with awe. We will be encouraged by the three promises God gives us alongside the challenges – God will return to us (v7); He will bless us ( v. 12) ; we will be His (v. 17).
    On a personal note I am challenged by verses 14 and 15. Working in a very secular environment, where serving God is seen as irrelevant and futile, and the arrogant are called blessed, it is easy to allow this mindset to permeate. This passage challenges me to once again return my world view to God’s !

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