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Spectrum Training

- a provider of cutting edge learning in mission, communication and culture


Krish Kandiah Victor Jack
"I’m delighted to commend the work of Spectrum and pray for its impact in East Anglia and beyond."

Krish Kandiah(President of London School of Theology)
"Spectrum provides a great opportunity to relate the timeless truths of scripture to our contemporary culture"

Victor Jack - Church Leader & Speaker (East Anglia)

Peter and Lynne Warnock Elfed Godding
"Spectrum is proving to be a great facilitator for learning of current issues that affect the church of today. As a society we face many challenging situations, Spectrum can give us the tools we need to deal with these from a Christian perspective."

Peter & Lynne Warnock: Mangers:Sizewell Hall, Christian Conference Centre
"The challenge for Christians to increase their competence in understanding the Christian Faith and applying it to 21st century issues is enormous. I commend strongly the contribution of Spectrum in addressing this."

Elfed Godding - National Director, Evangelical Alliance (Wales)