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God in Contemporary Society
Short Course


What is the aim?

'God in Contemporary Society' aims to highlight what people think about God today and how such views have arisen. It aims to challenge the pervading views found in our society which combine doubt and suspicion in dismissing and marginalising God. It also aims to show that the Christian Faith has unique, valid and universal truth claims which have to be seriously considered. It asks what should be the place for Christian Faith in today’s society and asks how it can be more distinctive and effective in our contemporary climate.

Who is it for?

It is for any Christian eager to learn and anyone openly exploring the Christian Faith. It is also for Church Leaders wishing to evaluate their church's outreach strategies.

What is the Courses Content?

Session 1: Past God’s sell by Date?
What happens when God is marginalized even murdered in society?
Session 2:At the Pick & Mix Counter
Is God one or many?
Session 3:Gagging God
Why should Christians be confident about God in public?

Who leads the course?

Andrew Buttress, Director of Spectrum.

What people are saying.

"I found the course thought provoking and challenging in the way I see God compared to other views in our society."
Steve - Diss

"Well worth the investment in time - every church leader should think these issues through."
Mark - Hopton

"An amazing insight into faith and society, past and present."
Frances - Bury St Edmunds

"I would recommend this short course to our church leaders and their leadership teams. It's such an eye opener in what we think we already know as well as what we do not know."
Revd Billy Onen - Ely

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