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Human Sexuality

Biblical, scientific and pastoral perspectives


Hyndman Centre
Hospital Road
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 3JT

The subject of human sexuality goes to the heart of our identity as people. Our sexuality defines who we are and it is apparent we are not all the same. Recent debates over equal rights and same-sex marriage have brought the subject of human sexuality and diversity into the realms of politics and religion – these issues are here to stay.

The Human Sexuality course looks at this broad subject from biblical, scientific and pastoral viewpoints. What framework for approaching the subject of human sexuality might the Bible give us? How are Christians interpreting the Bible today in this debate? What is the current scientific understanding of human sexuality?

What can bio-medical science tell us? Is human sexuality a matter of nature or nurture? How can the Church pastorally steer a path through the challenges human sexuality brings showing both grace and truth?

So what should a Christian approach be? What does the good news of Jesus Christ and God’s redeeming purposes for humanity look like with this subject in mind?!

Course Leaders: Professor Sam Leinster (p.19)
Revd Ali Walton (p.19) and Andrew Buttress (p.18)

11th, 18th and 25th
March 2014

Cost £20
Advanced booking essential
by 09.03.14

Human Sexuality