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Jesus in Jeans

Why we have to understand our culture if we want to be understood


Hyndman Centre
Hospital Road
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 3JT

You might be able to read a book but can you read your culture? If culture shapes us and controls us much more than we ever realise is this not important? What is your culture? What is its language? How does it affect you?

That is not all. You might be able to sing a hymn but can you read your church culture? What is its language? What does it feel like? But more to the point do people outside of church understand the culture inside the church and do people inside the church understand the culture outside the church? Do they speak the same language?

Jesus in Jeans looks at culture, communication and language. It looks at the Arts, our streets, the Media and our churches. It also looks at Jesus, a brilliant crosscultural communicator. And it looks at this thing we call 'the gospel'. Can we truly communicate it well if we ignore our culture?

So, if today Jesus was wearing jeans, chatting about God in Costa, what would he say?

Course Leader: Andrew Buttress (p.18)

12th, 19th May and
2nd June 2014

Cost £15
F/T students £10
Advanced booking essential
by 09.05.14

Jesus in Jeans