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Inside the Mind of a
Lost Generation

(A workshop for Town Pastors in Bury St Edmunds)

The subject

Don't worry…..be happy…. live life to the full…..you deserve it…..we only have one life…. so live it to the max.

With these mantras ringing in people's ears the pursuit of happiness is of paramount importance for many today and our culture reflects this desire to be happy in all sorts of different ways. Just one way is the nightclub scene which acts as a social magnet mixing music, dance and drink. For some this pursuit of happiness is extended to binge drinking, drug-taking and casual sex.

To be a Town Pastor is to see this pursuit of happiness first hand as young adults (and sometimes older ones too!) interact socially, enjoy life and then, occasionally, 'lose it'. Most people are fine but for some their social behaviour is the thin end of a bigger wedge which actually suggests something far from happy: in fact something deeply unhappy.

In the workshop 'Inside the Mind of a Lost Generation', we go beyond the surface behaviour seen on the streets at the weekends and ask some deeper questions. What do people really think of themselves? What do they think of life? In a vast universe how do they see themselves as an individual? What thought patterns shape their view of the world? And how does this show up in the way people act and the questions people ask on the streets?

Jesus used the word 'lost' quite a bit in his teaching to describe a people he deeply cared about. He said he had come to save the 'lost' but he never preached at them. In fact he only seemed to preach at the ones who thought they weren't lost! What did he do, then? And, if it is fair to describe our generation as lost, what does it mean and how can we help?

The Speaker

Andrew Buttress is Director of Spectrum and does these workshops in his pursuit of happiness!!

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