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The Healing Dilemma

Steering a course through health, sickness and dying


Suffolk Road Church
Suffolk Road
CO10 1UN

There is a lonely place between healing, sickness and death where many Christians find themselves confused. How do I pray and how do I care?

This course will chart a path through biblical understandings of death, sickness and the role of healing in Christian ministry and mission. It will help participants explore the differing viewpoints and consider their own understanding. It will also offer some practical approaches to caring for those who are unwell or coming to the end of life.

In addition, The Healing Dilemma course will provide insight into the role of care in hospitals and hospices.

It will introduce at least one approach to praying for healing and it will enable participants to grow in their own capacity for sensitive and compassionate care.

Course Leader: Revd Robert Green

Revd Robert Green has been a Pastor since 1987 during which time he spent 13 years working in the Queen’s Hospital Chaplaincy Team, Romford. Now Pastor at Garland Street Baptist Church, Bury St Edmunds, he combines work and family life with his hobby of collecting and repairing vintage fountain pens.

12th, 19th and 26th
November 2014
7.30pm - 9.15pm

£15 per person
Advanced booking essential
by 09.11.14

The Healing Dilemma