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Short Courses

Short Courses are professional, applicable and accessible. They are also non –threatening and non-judgmental.

The starting point for most of the courses is the question ‘what is going on in our contemporary society, our cultures and our communities?’ Having understood the world we live in we then ask the question, ‘has the Christian Faith anything to say about this?’

The purpose of the courses is to help people confidently connect the Christian Faith with the many issues and questions which make up life in the 21st century.

Over a period of time (2011-2013) various courses will be produced which will eventually form a curriculum of contemporary learning.

Such a curriculum will include;

  • Culture, Society & Faith
  • God in Contemporary Society
  • The Bible in Contemporary Culture
  • Media, Language and Communication
  • Work, Business, Sport & Leisure
  • Origins: Science, Genesis and Faith
  • Ethics and Politics
  • Christianity and other Faiths
  • Church and Mission in 21C