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"What are yer like?"

Church, community and how to connect


Garland Street
Garland Street
Bury St Edmunds

Many people who are not in your church are probably asking this question of your church, 'What are yer like?' Good question…but do we know ourselves? What makes our church unique? What characterises it? In addition, the questions 'What are our communities like?' and 'What is unique about them?' are also of great importance. Knowing the answers to these questions is essential if our church is going to connect with community and vice versa.

This course will help us consider these questions as we honestly reflect on the nature and character of our churches. It will also enable us to consider the features and characteristics of the communities we touch upon and the wider areas/people groups we serve.

Finally, in the light of discoveries made and ideas affirmed, we will work and reflect together on new approaches and ways that fit with our situations. This will enable us to be as effective as possible in communicating the good news of Jesus to our communities.

This course is set up differently from the Connecting with Your Community course. It is designed to be more ‘designer’ and more user-focused so that the process and input is more geared around our specific Church situations. So what are yer like?

What are yer like?

25th January 2014
9.30am - 1.00pm
Light lunch and
discussion until

Cost £20 (inc. lunch)
Group discount:
£60 for 4 people
Advanced booking essential
by 23.01.14