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Cancer, Tsunamis, Road Accidents, Divorce, 9/11, Earthquakes, Family Breakdowns, Injustice, Business Failure, Hitler...

Course Format

This a downloadable course written with small groups in mind. It will be available from January 2014.

Course Content

The question why does God allow suffering is one we all have to face. Maybe we have already gone through some period of trauma in our own lives or know someone who has.

For some people the problem of suffering seriously damages their faith in a loving, all powerful God. It understandably causes them to doubt that God is there or that he cares.

This course looks frankly at the charge against God for allowing suffering and the defence of God in return. It considers the subject from a biblical, pastoral, philosophical and theological viewpoint.

The course also looks at some of the things which happen to people when they suffer, how it affects them and how others might help.

In addition, it also asks the question, from a Christian perspective, whether it is possible to find a purpose in suffering and even a stronger faith.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone with questions who wants to explore the subject of God and suffering. (It will be presented from a Christian perspective). It is not for someone who thinks they have all the answers!

Who has written and structured the course?

The Why Does God Allow...? course was originally written and taught by Andrew Buttress (See Course Leaders 2013/14). Subsequently it has been re-formatted by Nikki Botting (right) in order that it is suitable for use in a small group setting. Nikki is a Senior University Researcher at the City University, London and is part of Spectrum's Development Team in West Suffolk.

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