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Why People Don’t Believe


Community Church
Yarrow Close
IP24 2TZ

There are plenty of good reasons why people don’t believe in God and, in particular, the Christian Faith (of course, there are plenty of good reasons why people do believe too)! As it says on the tin, the Why People Don’t Believe course explores the reasons why people don’t believe today. It is for people who have a strong faith in God - and those who don’t.

Some reasons people don’t believe are down to experience. People may have a negative view of God because of suffering and pain. Others may have a negative view of the Church because of bad experiences in the past.>

Then of course there are the more intellectual reasons. Hasn’t science made God redundant in an age when fact rules over faith? Why is God so cruel in the Old Testament? Isn’t Christianity now just one of many faiths that is no better or worse than the rest?

People have different reasons for not believing and it is good to know what they are. This course will help when people talk about their faith (or lack of it) in the future. So whether you think your faith is riding high with a ten or rock bottom with a zero this course is for you.

Course Leader: Andrew Buttress (p.18)
Run in conjunction with Thetford Christians Together

10th May 2014
9.30am - 2.30pm
Please bring packed lunch

Cost £12.50
Advanced booking essential
by 08.05.14

Why People Don't Believe